Automated Safety Hitch, Inc. is a corporation whose multiple divisions are involved with enhancing the safety of transportation systems.   The Automated Safety Hitch System is a product of the Light Trailer Division. The Heavy Trailer Division is soon to come out with a heavier-duty Automated Safety Hitch System which utilizes a heavier-duty axle that can handle a trailer pin weight of 13,500 pounds.

Automated Safety Hitch, Inc. only manufactures products that are well designed, very reliable and of very good value.   This company only markets and sells products that we manufacture.  We also design and manufacture products used by the governmental organizations and procured from us under the COTS program.  (COTS is a government acronym which stands for Commercial Off The Shelf products.   These are products produced for general individual and industrial use and not specifically for a government agency.)

The products produced by this company are sold and/or distributed nationally and internationally.   The majority of our products are sold to the public through carefully selected dealers and OEMs, (Original Equipment Manufacturers such as trailer, aircraft, and helicopter manufacturers).   We have very high standards when selecting our dealers and consider it a high priority to support our dealers.   When a dealer lowers their standards of quality of goods and services, they must quickly correct their deficiencies or lose the opportunity to sell and handle our products.

Presently, we are selling and shipping the Automated Safety Hitch System directly to you, the customer.

The Automated Safety Hitch can be financed as part of / with your new trailer.