Remembering when we had to replace our tailgate by backing into our gooseneck coupling. Our friends recently had to replace their tailgate for the same reason at a cost for almost $2000. We once again appreciate our Automated Safety Hitch System for preventing such occurrences and expenses in the future.

—H.C., PA

While we are enjoying the added safety and money that the Automated Safety Hitch System is saving us, how unfortunate it has been for my best friend whose husband allowed the trailer dealer to talk them out of getting an Automated Safety Hitch System.  Unfortunately, within a month of getting their trailer, her husband jack-knifed in reverse sufficiently to cost nearly $9,500.00 to repair the damage to their trailer and truck. With the Automated Safety Hitch System, John and I are able to jack-knife our trailer and truck nearly 130 degrees.

—P.S., Florida

While originally thinking that I could not justify the cost of the Automated Safety Hitch System to pull my $19,000 trailer, how fortunate it was that I bought your Safety Hitch System realizing that I was operating a $190,000 rig. (The value of the truck, trailer and my two well trained dressage horses).  Last week while driving down a winding wet road, I had to slam on the brakes when a truck pulled out in front of me. Not only did we stop before impacting the offending vehicle, we did so under complete control. Had we not had the Automated Safety Hitch System, I am sure that we would have ended up in the ditch, jack-knifed or worse. You’re product is worth every dollar to save my horses, myself and preventing damage to my truck, trailer and other people.

—A.A., Virginia

Thank you for supplying our Automated Safety Hitch System with quality tires.  While buying a new horse trailer from a reputable manufacturer, we had to replace all four tires on our trailer in less than 18 months. The Automated Safety Hitch tires still look new.  We bought our trailer and Safety Hitch System at the same time.

—S.M., California

The Automated Safety Hitch System is the first product in a very long time where I feel like I got my money’s worth.

—G.L., Tennessee

Thank you for having a high quality product at an affordable price. When my husband and I first saw the Automated Safety Hitch System at the Hersey, PA show, my husband, being an automotive engineer, examined your product and figured it was going to cost from 16 to 18 thousand dollars.  Actually costing half of  what we expected, enabled us to afford getting one, and I have been enjoying and appreciating it very much. I have been pulling my horses without incidents for almost two years now.

—L.B., West Virginia

Congratulations on your design! Being an automotive engineer, I compliment you on your designing of the self steerable axle. There are still many in the Automotive Industry who do not realize auxiliary axles under heavy pay load must be self-steerable, otherwise the integrity of tires, bushings and other suspension components will be compromised. (Non-drive axles)

—T.C., Georgia