This is all about room for 2 adults, two children and one 197 lb. English Mastiff. Our choice vehicle was a 3/4 ton 2012 Chevy Suburban capable of hauling 9400 lbs. Next was a 35 foot Fusion toy Hauler weighing 12000 lbs.

Ok now how do I haul a fifth wheel with a Suburban . I get on the web start searching ,up pops Automated Safety Hitch. I sent multiple emails to Joe Jamieson he in return answered all my questions the main one being will this work? The answer was yes, making my decision do I buy a new diesel truck to use 8 to 10 times a year and leave the dog at a kennel simple. The price comparison being $70,000 for a diesel truck or 10 to $11,000 delivered for the safety hitch. My other half answered that real quick that the dog is going with us. Called Joe the next morning and ordered the hitch. Worked out all the details with Joe Jamieson which turned out to be a pleasure as he answered all my calls and stood behind everything he told me. I received the unit in the middle of the winter. I was impressed at the detail this unit has with the steerable axle, the winch to hook up the unit and the 16 inch tires with brakes. This unit does as it says Safety. So let me sum this up, I just traveled 1,800 miles with this new safety hitch and I have to say it did everything I wanted to do. I’m Impressed, it stops great, it turns so much better I got in and out of spots with a 63 foot long set up that I never thought I could and I used my Suburban to do it all.

After using [The Automated Safety Hitch System] I’m hooked even if I change vehicles I will still use this safety hitch. My thanks to Joe Jamieson for all the help and for building a quality product.

Bob Swasey Email me if anyone has a question

— B.S., NY


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