automated safety hitch system

To all prospective buyers of The Automated Safety Hitch… I can’t say enough good things about this product and the customer service that has been provided by Joe and his people! I have had my hitch for a little more than a year now and it has changed my life. I pipeline for a living so I travel all across the country with my family. We had a special 5th wheel built so that my family and I could have a bit more room when we are on the road. My current 5th wheel is 53′ long and with the way my truck is loaded with the welder and all my tools I weigh just under 39k between the truck and trailer.


I get a lot of questions from other truckers and and from people in general asking how I’m able to pull the load I have and how I’m able to get in and out of the RV parks we go to because of the size of my rig. It’s all thanks to the hitch! I can make I tighter turn with my 53′ 5th wheel attached to the Automated Safety Hitch than I ever could with our previous 40′ toy hauler hooked up in the back of my truck! Everything about the safety hitch is amazing, but the thing I love the most is the extra breaking power (probability because it saved me from driving through a bunch of vehicles when there was an unforeseen slowdown on the freeway)! I had my cruise control set a 70mph on the freeway when suddenly all the cars in front of me slammed their breaks on…if it wasn’t for the extra breaking capacity of the safety hitch I wouldn’t have been able to stop in time. After putting on thousands and thousands (…and thousands!) of miles on the road with the Safety Hitch I have come to the conclusion…I would never want to pull anything without it again!

—P.N., Utah

While keeping up with traffic traveling at a high rate of speed down a long steep mountain grade, our engine quit on a new truck with less than 4,000 miles leaving us with no truck brakes. We feel so fortunate having your product with its full hydraulic disc brakes to enable us to make our way to the right hand shoulder and come to a safe stop. June and I especially appreciate having the Safety Hitch’s brakes since trailer brakes have failed us on a number of occasions. Therefore, we both feel that your product probably saved our lives or at least prevented us from having a very serious accident.

—M.M., Virginia

Your Automated Safety Hitch System may be the safest way to pull a gooseneck trailer. Not having one ourselves at this time, my wife and I observed two good sized trailer rigs going over a rise in the highway at the same time. The trailer in the left hand lane was passing the right hand lane trailer rig. We observed both trailer brake lights illuminating at the same time. We also, upon reaching the crest of the hill, observed the trailer in the right hand lane skidding somewhat uncontrollably, impacting the 18 wheeler and car accident in front of us. The trailer slid sideways into the left-hand lane. Fortunately, the left hand trailer, even though it was going at a greater speed since it was passing the right hand lane traffic, had stopped completely straight, and in a short distance, saving it from being involved in the same accident. It also avoided being hit by the right-hand lane trailer as it slid and swung across the left-hand lane.  The trailer in the left hand lane was equipped with your Safety Hitch System.  My wife and I have ordered one of your units because we both agree that we will not be pulling any trailer without your Safety Hitch System.

—T.F., Illinois

There is a good sized list of why my wife and I are glad we bought the Automated Safety Hitch System. Because of the seriousness of a situation, I am taking time to share this significant situation with you.  While traveling on our last vacation, the extra braking power and controllability became very evident.  We were passing a truck and trailer combination, very similar to ours, as we both arrived at the summit of a small hill. Upon cresting that hill, it seems as though we both hit our brakes at the same time because of the tremendous truck and automobile wrecks in front of us. At the same time I hit the brakes, I became concerned of the trailer next to me because it was starting to fishtail. After having never been in a max braking situation before with the Automated Safety Hitch, it was amazing how quickly we stopped and how straight we stopped. Unfortunately for the rig next to us, that did not have a Safety Hitch, they did not stop in time ending up as a part of the pile up.  Had we not stopped where we did, not only would we have crashed head on into the pile up. We both sat there in perfect silence as the trailer that was in the right-hand lane jack-knifed into the left hand lane where it would have wiped us out.

—T.M., California

Hi! How is everything going? We made it home and turned around and went to Michigan. We love the Automated Safety Hitch. Was totally glad we had it.  Some jerk swung into my lane when I was passing him, and we had to do the lock down. Smoke was rolling from all the tires. I know it helped.  My wife even said that if we didn’t have the Safety Hitch, we would not have gotten stopped.  Also, when we were driving in the mountains,  it gives you a lot more security for going down the hills.

—JP, Florida

The traffic light turned green just as we were approaching an intersection.  Even though a car in the other lane had made it through the intersection, as we approached it, a car from the right hand side ran a red light. We hit the brakes and stopped slightly passed the hold line with the trailer straight behind us without any fish tailing. It was as if the trailer was part of the same frame as the truck. Had we not had the Safety Hitch brakes, no doubt we would have crashed into the car.

—S.L., Kentucky

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