Since buying my new Automated Safety Hitch System, I find myself driving down the road more comfortable and relaxed. The trip with my new Safety Hitch System was the easiest and most stress free trip I have had in years. I have been pulling good sized trailers for many years, and since buying my new Safety Hitch System, there is no more worry about stopping when someone pulls out in front of me. Your product is great for the blood pressure and less stress on a person’s heart!

—S. A., Colorado

I mention the Safety Hitch maybe saving my life. I fell asleep on a narrow road, with a very steep bar ditch, while going 70 mph. I was on the steep slope of the ditch when I woke up. As I woke up, I did the worst thing a person could do. I had jerked it hard back toward the road. Keep in mind, the ditch was very steep! There is no doubt in my mind, with no trailer I would have rolled, with the trailer hooked in the bed I would have rolled. It did not even come close to rolling, didn’t fishtail or whip. I did end up crossing the center line into the oncoming lane, luckily no one was coming! By the way, on the road to my ranch, where the bar ditch isn’t this steep, on average 1 person gets killed a year from that exact situation …. Running off road and overturning, in both passenger cars and oil field semi trucks.

—J.P., New Mexico

While traveling at 65 plus miles per hour, a sizable object fell off the truck in front of us. Had it not been for the increased stability and controllability the Automated Safety Hitch gives us, we would not have been able to swerve around that object period. With the size of that large seemingly metal object, had we been forced to drive over it, I am sure considerable damage would have been done to our vehicle.

—J.G., Oklahoma

Living in a hilly area with narrow roads, other people pulling trailers did not want to pick up my horses because the roads were so steep and winding. Even larger delivery trucks would refuse to come to our place. With the Automated Safety Hitch System I was able to justify buying a gooseneck trailer myself. I can very comfortably navigate the steep tight winding roads while pulling my long slant 3 with living quarter’s horse trailer.

—F.M., California

While I was pulling our 35 foot trailer with my mother accompanying us, she suffered a heart attack as we were arriving at our destination. Because of the added maneuverability with the Safety Hitch System, I was able to maneuver the trailer through the crowded hospital parking lot to take my mother to the emergency room door. Had I not had your Safety Hitch System I would not have ventured into the parking lot at all.

—A.D., Idaho

Having equipped all the ranch trucks with your triple receivers, our youngest employee, a 19-year-old female, was able to hook up our largest stock trailer to a ½ ton pickup and transport three horses to where they needed to be 200 miles away. She was able to drive as if there was no trailer behind her. She even commented that it was like driving without pulling a trailer at all.

—D.E., Florida

We check cattle for TB for our State Agriculture Department. Your Automated Safety Hitch System enables our State Agriculture Department to pull our heavy gooseneck trailer over rough terrain. If the driver ends up getting the trailer stuck in deep mud or high centered on berms, they simply disconnect from the Automated Safety Hitch and the Auto Recovery System pulls the trailer out, saving us time and aggravation.

—J.I., State Ag Department

Traffic on the highway was at a stand-still. We were pulling our 38 foot trailer and took an off -highway detour through a residential neighborhood having winding and narrow streets with cars parked occasionally on either side. I was able to maneuver safely and without incidents. We could have never done so without the extra maneuverability the Automated Safety Hitch System gives us.

—M.R., Florida

Pulling my long, living quarter’s horse trailer is so much easier with the Automated Safety Hitch System. While driving through town, I no longer have to swing way out in the left hand lane to make a right hand turn. I have not rolled over any curbs or anything else since we got the Automated Safety Hitch System.

—A.G., California

We bought the Automated Safety Hitch because we planned to RV full-time around the country with four young children, and safety was of the utmost concern. Since our tow vehicle would also be our main source of transportation, we didn’t like the idea of getting a dually. The Safety Hitch has been a tremendously helpful device in making our 35-foot fifth wheel more stable, overall safer and has erased our need for dual rear wheels. (We can park in crowded mall parking lots!) We have since driven almost 5000 miles with the Safety Hitch through all kinds of terrain and have found that it has more than lived up to its claims. The extra set of brakes has set our minds at ease – boy do they work! (At one point, we believe those brakes enabled us to slow down fast enough to avoid a wreck when exiting the highway at too high a speed!) The inventor, Engineer Joe Jamieson, devoted six years of his life designing this hitch, and it certainly shows. There is nothing on the market that even comes close to this design.

The other highlight of our experience with the Automated Safety Hitch has definitely been the superior customer service. We’ve never experienced anything like it, to be honest. This company has held our hand and guided us through every step in using the Hitch, as well as advising us in using our RV, going well beyond the call of duty. Usually when you send the check to a company, that’s the last you hear from them. Not so here. Anyone who buys an Automated Safety Hitch also buys easy access and expert help from a tireless staff. In a nutshell, we are truly impressed.

—The V Family/USA