Your Automated Safety Hitch System probably saved my marriage!!!  I wanted a toy hauler for my 4-wheeler, while my wife wanted the extra living space in a new 5th Wheel R.V.  We were both firmly holding our ground to the point that I realized we wouldn’t be buying either.  Then we came across the Automated Safety Hitch System and now have the best of both worlds, with the 4-wheeler in the back of the pickup and lots of living space.  Can’t thank you enough!

—B.B., Wisconsin

We travel quite a bit pulling a living quarter horse trailer.  I was getting tired of doing all of the driving, since my wife and a friend of hers preferred not to drive pulling the large trailer. With the Automated Safety Hitch System, both my wife and her friend now drive comfortably pulling the trailer. Not only do I not have to do all of the driving, there are times when they take trips by themselves.

—J.W., Illinois

My wife is the equestrian, and I ride motorcycles.  The horses didn’t leave room in the back of the trailer for the motorcycle, so I did without.  Now, with the Automated Safety Hitch System, my wife has her horses, and I have the motorcycle in the back of the pickup along with hay that used to be on the roof of the trailer, and everybody is happy.  But all of this is secondary to how much safer we now feel pulling the trailer with the Automated Safety Hitch System.

—S.M., California