The Automated Safety Hitch System has been tremendously helpful in making our 35 ft fifth wheel more stable, overall safer, and has erased our need for a dually. We can park in crowded mall parking lots!  We have since driven almost 5000 miles with The Safety Hitch through all kinds of terrain and have found that it has more than lived up to its claims.  The extra set of brakes has set our minds at ease – boy do they work!  At one point, we believe those brakes enabled us to slow down fast enough to avoid a wreck when exiting the highway at too high a speed. There is nothing on the market that even comes close to this design.

The other highlight of our experience with the Automated Safety Hitch has definitely been the superior customer service.  We’ve never experienced anything like it.  This company has held our hand and guided us through every step in using the Safety Hitch, as well as advising us in using our RV, going well beyond the call of duty.  Anyone who buys an Automated Safety Hitch System also buys easy access and expert help from a tireless staff.

—The V. Family, USA

We have been getting very little help from trailer manufacturer and much instruction and technical service from the Automated Safety Hitch Systems staff. We appreciate your technical services with your prompt, pleasant and knowledgeable service people. You folks have helped us so much with our trailer issues. Appreciated even more because, the trailer manufacturer and dealer are so lacking in their tech-service departments.

—J.M., Kansas