My Daughter and I were headed to register her for a show and were running late. Driving during a rainstorm, I took a wrong turn and ended up on a dead end two lane country road. There was no place to turn around.  The GPS signal was low and we didn’t know our location.  I would have had to back up more than a mile. How fortunate I was to have another option.  With the pouring rain, the ditches were full of water, so I pulled to the right as far as possible and started to turn around.  After turning around as much as I could with the trailer, I disconnected the Automated Safety Hitch from the truck and finished turning the truck around.  I then used the Auto Recovery System to pull the trailer around successfully. The trailer tires never left the road. Reconnecting our Automated Safety Hitch and trailer to our truck with a push of the button, we quickly made it down the road and to registration on time.

—J.B., Kansas

While my husband was out of town, I had to make an emergency trip to the vet with one of our prized horse. With our trailer sitting in the mud, how wonderful it was to just walk our trailer out of the mud and to my truck sitting on the driveway pavement.  Thanks to your wonderful Automated Safety Hitch System, utilizing its self recovery system prevented me from having to attempt hooking up the trailer in the mud and likely getting the truck stuck as well. According to the veterinarian, we could have lost our horse had I not gotten her there as quickly as I did.

—H.B., West Virginia

With your Auto Recovery System, I was able to let the winch pull my trailer out of the snow and mud onto the driveway and hook up to the truck in minutes. This was fabulous, no rocking my truck back and forth.  Even though we have a 4-wheel drive pickup, there was no need to put such wear and tear on the truck and possibly getting stuck.

—K.S., Colorado

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