Automated Safety Hitch Factory

“It is not how much you can tow, it is how much you can control and stop that is important!”

~ Bob Zagami

Amazingly more effective braking and controllability.

5th wheel RV trailers • Gooseneck Horse Trailers • Flatbed Goosenecks
Pull gooseneck trailers with your van, SUV, full size, short bed or lifted pickup.

– Increases Braking Power and Stability!
– Safer level pulling for trailer stability
– Increases maneuverability
– Automated attachment to your vehicle
– Level trailer yields better horse performance

Full Hydraulic Vented Disk Brakes –
Additional Stopping Power!

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Nearly 100% US made components. We specify US made steel & Canadian steel.

Enabling Your Vehicle to Pull the Automated Safety Hitch System™

Video from All Around Performance Horse

Axle Steering Indicator Light – Available standard on the Heavy Duty and Deluxe Automated Safety Hitch System

This feature clearly indicates to the driver when the axle is unlocked. The light will be mounted on the Automated Safety Hitch System so that it can be seen in the driver’s side and rear view mirror.